About GR Style :

Shortly about my work: My art is my vision - recaptured and framed by my camera - canvassed by the ordinary, often unnoticed or neglected, beauty of the divine. As an artist, I intend to share my vision and tell a story of the sometimes mundane, but truly extraordinarily experience we are all sharing.
Vision: To create an extraordinary experience, through the distribution & recreation of 'GR Style'; giving the audience (the viewers, photographers, aspiring artists) an opportunity to be moved, inspired and/or soulfully enriched by the enlightening artists' perspective. Success of my mission and vision is measured by spectator views, comments, and (ultimately by) the distribution and recreation of 'GR Style' art works.

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Telephone: +1 613 276 8136
E-mails: info@grstyle.com

'GR Style' is the capture of the everyday, taking the beauty of the ordinary (often unnoticed or neglected) and framing it through the lens of the artists' eye.